Pictures show booting company taking up parking spaces, then booting customers

ATLANTA — Channel 2 Action News has obtained evidence that a local booting company is clamping down on drivers, while taking up the spaces where those people are supposed to park.

The situation was going on as Channel 2 consumer investigator Jim Strickland pulled up to the small lot of the QT convenience store at 6th and Peachtree streets, shared by Midtown Blue.

"I've got a complaint that you folks are talking up the spots for QT then booting QT customers. I've got pictures," Strickland told the booter there at work.

"Of me, sir?" the booter asked.

"Of another one of the Castle Parking guys, taking up two spots at QT, and then booting QT patrons," Strickland answered.


The booter from Castle Parking Solutions then ignored Strickland while he dealt with a QT customer he'd booted.

The customer didn't want to speak, but whistleblower Steve Hammer did.

"I ran into the QT to get a cup of coffee. I came out two minutes later and I had been booted," Hammer said of his experience Oct. 25.

"I quickly realized it had to have been a set up," Hammer said.

Hammer came back and took a picture of the booter's car taking up two of the four QT spaces.
Castle Parking Solutions denied his appeal and refused a refund.

Castle Parking's owner Michael McArthur claimed he couldn't hear Strickland during a phone call.
Immediate return calls back went to voicemail. A message left at the office was also unreturned.

Castle Parking Solutions has an "F" rating and an alert from the BBB about a pattern of complaints.

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