Pharmacists, doctors getting ready for surge of people looking to get COVID-19 vaccines

ATLANTA — Health officials say the COVID-19 vaccine might be only weeks away in the United States.

Now, pharmacists are in high demand.

“We should be prepared for an influx of work,” said Dr. Sharmon P. Osae.

Osae teaches at the University of Georgia College of Pharmacy.

“I definitely do think pharmacists should be prepared for the amount of individuals coming in their pharmacies to flourish.”


Dr. Osae also said in the state of Georgia, pharmaceutical students must first be certified.

Plus, there are a number of qualifications they will need to meet before they can administer the vaccine, once it becomes available.

“So it’s 12-hours of a self-study and self-assessment and eight hours of a live seminar and a final examination,” said Dr. Osae.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended healthcare workers and long-term nursing home residents be the first to receive the vaccine, once it is approved and becomes available.