Slain woman's mother says she fears for her life

ATLANTA — The mother of a murdered actress and model says her daughter's death has left her afraid for her life. Meanwhile, Atlanta police continue their investigation into the murder of Jokisha Brown.

Brown was murdered hours before her birthday. Her mother says something is strange about how her daughter died.

"The way she got killed, it's kind of suspicious to me. It makes me wonder, was it a hit out on her life?" she said.

Brown was shot several times as she sat in her car at a strip mall on Cheshire Bridge Road Friday night. The 35-year-old was at the strip mall for a salon appointment before she headed out of town to celebrate her birthday, which was hours away. %



"It's tough," her mother said. The murder has her mother so afraid, she didn't want her identity revealed. "Whoever did this to Jokisha, could find me. Could find some of my family members," she said.

Police say this is a fluid investigation and detectives are working all leads.

Brown was a well-known model, .and was getting her acting career off the ground. Now she is gone and her death is extra hard because it's a road her mother has just traveled.

"I done been through this already with my son back on March the 2nd, when he got killed and now it's my daughter Jokisha," she said.

She says her faith is sustaining her now. Brown's mother doesn't think the killer, or killers, will be free much longer.

"God's going to get them. That's all I have to say," she said before breaking into tears.