• Man injured from bottle to the head as fight erupts after Atlanta United game

    By: Tom Regan


    ATLANTA - Win or lose, Atlanta United fans are usually good sports. But that changed following the tournament game Wednesday night against Monterrey.

    An off-duty Atlanta police officer, his wife and a friend wearing a Monterrey jersey, were walking back to their car in The Gulch when they got into the middle of a confrontation between two groups of fans.

    “This is a very rare occurrence,” Maj. Darin Shierbaum told Channel 2’s Tom Regan. “They came upon a group that had a difference of opinion of how the game played out.”

    Moments later, beer bottles started flying toward the cop and his friend.

    “There was a discussion, argument between two groups. He tried to calm everyone down when someone lobed a bottle and he was hit by the bottle," Shierbaum said.


    The officer and his friend were both injured, the officer more seriously.

    “He had a laceration to the face that required some stitches and maybe in the torso, as well,” Shierbaum told Regan.

    Police are hoping surveillance cameras captured the violent confrontation.

    “We are reviewing all the cameras in the area to see how many people were there,” Shierbaum said.

    Fans told Regan they were appalled by the behavior.

    Martin Jones moved here from England. He said people like these bottle throwers were referred to as hoodlums.

    “Certainly, as a father growing up, I have two kids, I wouldn't have taken my kids to a soccer game in the UK. It's sad to see that happens over here as well,” Jones told Regan.

    The injured officer was treated and released from the hospital. He is expected to return to service soon.

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