Man already charged in deadly 134 mph street race now accused of going 101 mph while on bond

ATLANTA — A Channel 2 Action News investigation has revealed that a local man accused of causing a death doing 134 miles per hour in a street race has now been arrested again -- accused of going 101 mph while on bond.

Police told Channel 2 investigative reporter Mark Winne that this is an example of why they are frustrated in their battle against street racing, which they say poses a danger to everyone.

Atlanta Deputy Police Chief Andrew Senzer says street racing disrupts and disrespects the lives of everyday citizens and it’s dangerous to everybody who encounters it.

Police said the case of Quentavious Parks particularly demonstrates their frustration.

Atlanta police said they obtained a YouTube video that showed him street racing while out on bond after he was arrested and charged with homicide by vehicle.

“The citizens and visitors of this city have a right to traverse the city freely and not have lawlessness in their face and just something that we’re not going to tolerate,” Senzer said.

A document from the Georgia State Patrol shows on Aug.4, 2020, Parks caused the death of another person while participating in a street race, driving 134 mph in a 45-mph zone.

A December 2020 order shows Parks was charged with homicide by vehicle, along with three other charges, and indicates he was given a bond of $62,000, was ordered to wear an ankle monitor, had a curfew, and was not allowed to drive.


His attorney Eli Bennett said Parks will plead not guilty to an indictment for vehicular homicide, reckless driving, and racing filed against Parks and another man on April 14 concerning the 2020 incident.

Now, an Atlanta Police Department incident report indicates an investigator was advised by a sergeant that there was a video uploaded recently to YouTube that belongs to Parks’ account.

The report indicates the investigator said he was able to search multiple cameras located in the area where Parks’ vehicle is seen driving recklessly on city streets.

The report indicates on April 2, Parks is seen getting off Arthur Langford Parkway and making a right turn on the wrong side of the exit.

The vehicle’s dash at one point shows that the car was going 101 miles per hour on a city street.

An April 9 report suggests Parks was again taken into custody and was taken to jail.

Fulton County State Court records indicate Parks has been accused of a list of misdemeanors ranging from reckless stunt driving to driving on the wrong side of the road and more.

There’s another bond document that appears to show a total bond of $21,000 and conditions include no driving – again.

In researching this story, Winne found another YouTube video that appears to show Parks driving again.

We forwarded a still frame and a link to the video to APD.

In an email from Atlanta Police Sgt. Jarius Daugherty, said, “This screenshot below does appear to be of Mr. Parks. After reviewing the contents of the video below, he appears to have recorded this after his 4/9 arrest.”

“They didn’t catch me in the act of doing anything or whatever. They claim it was from a YouTube video or something like that. But I’m like bro, ain’t nothing on my YouTube video,” Parks said in one of his videos.

Bennett said concerning Parks’ arrest this month, he has yet to receive the evidence from the prosecution but he anticipates possible challenges to how authorities determined when the YouTube video at the heart of that case was made.

Bennett said the victim in the vehicular homicide case, which involved a crash, was a childhood friend of Parks.