• Landmark Diner fails health inspection


    ATLANTA - UPDATE: The Landmark Diner has been re-inspected and now has a score of 100.

    A downtown Atlanta restaurant popular with Georgia State University students and others has failed a health inspection.

    Landmark Diner, a New York-style diner that is open around the clock, got a health inspection score of 59 Wednesday.

    GSU student Eli Ingram said yikes when Channel 2’s Carol Sbarge told him about the inspection report. Another GSU student questioned how a restaurant could get that score when it knows people are coming in all the time.
    Violations included observed pink mold build up in the interior of an ice machine, an expired food safety manager certificate and raw chicken stored above fully cooked chili and pickles.

    The 59 was a big dropoff from the last inspection in October when the Landmark Diner across from the Rialto got a 95. Sbarge went to the restaurant to ask about the big drop. The manager, Marko Lisinac, wasn’t there but in an mail statement said, “We always aim for a perfect 100-A score, it happened that our last inspection we scored less than perfect.”

    Lisanac wrote that all violations were corrected right away. He said they conducted on-site food service training for all managers and employees who handle food and they had an intervention hearing. He said they also now have food safety and cleaning charts and a cleaning schedule.

    We’ll let you know the new score when the restaurant is reinspected within the next week and a half.

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