• Juror breakdown for the Tex McIver murder trial


    ATLANTA - A judge seated a jury of 12 people, plus four alternates, who will decide the fate of Tex McIver, the Atlanta attorney accused of intentionally killing his wife. Here's what we know about them:

    Juror 1

    • White man
    • Lives in Roswell
    • Works for health care services company
    • Has a master's degree
    • Married with two children, ages 25 and 23
    • Previously served on two criminal juries
    • Had an office on Peachtree and would frequently drive or walk in the area where the alleged crime occurred
    • Has a will 
    • Was pre-med in college, worked in a hospital from 12th grade through grad school and was an emergency room tech for the last three years of that period
    • Has a handgun, rifle, shotgun in his home belonging to his son, an avid hunter
    • Sister and brother are both retired Miami PD officers


    Juror 2 

    • White woman
    • Lives in East Point
    • Works as a domestic engineer
    • Has a high school diploma
    • Married with no kids
    • Abstains from alcohol, but has no moral or ethical objection to other people drinking
    • Democratic-leaning, has volunteered for Democratic campaigns and registered people to vote
    • Has participated in protests and marches for Black Lives Matter and the Women's March
    • Originally from Flint, Michigan
    • Had a friend who was killed in West End


    Juror 3

    • White man
    • Lives in west midtown
    • Works as a CPA
    • Has a master's degree in accounting
    • Unmarried with no kids
    • Was once arrested for DUI, but charges were dismissed


    Juror 4

    • Black woman
    • Lives in Grove Park
    • Educator for DeKalb County Schools since 2004
    • Has a specialist degree in education
    • Married with two children, ages 12 and 25
    • Once called 911 for infant son, who stopped breathing, and said the response was fast
    • Husband has a couple of handguns for protection, but she has never fired one


    Juror 5

    • White man
    • Has a master's degree in engineering and business
    • Married with two children, ages 4 and 2
    • Attends synagogue
    • Has a will prepared by a lawyer, which he keeps in his lawyer's vault
    • Called 911 for his younger sister when she was age 4 and choking on a grape


    Juror 6

    • White woman
    • Lives in Alpharetta
    • Worked as a sales rep for Appen Media Group, now retired
    • Married, with three children, ages 30, 33 and 35
    • Has been in a lawsuit, in which she sued another driver for texting while driving
    • Daughter had a DUI
    • Brother-in-law shot and killed himself
    • Has a will with one copy in the safety deposit box and the other with her son
    • Husband owns several guns -- rifles, shotguns, handguns -- and puts a gun in the glove box or center console when he travels


    Juror 7

    • White woman
    • Lives in Roswell
    • Elementary art teacher for 15 years
    • Education specialist degree
    • Married
    • Husband owns a handgun, but doesn't carry it in public and doesn't store it in the car when he travels unless he's going to a gun range



    • White man
    • Lives in Sandy Springs
    • CFO for restaurant group for six years
    • Has a bachelor's degree in business and finance
    • Married with one daughter, age 27
    • Was sued when daughter was in car accident and he was owner of vehicle
    • Previously served on a jury, but matter was resolved before opening statements
    • Has a will, of which lawyer has a copy
    • Brother and father are both dead, has been involved with those probate matters
    • Called authorities when 15-year-old brother tried to commit suicide by shooting himself
    • Wife owns a gun that juror shot recreationally


    Juror 9

    • White man
    • Lives in Alpharetta
    • Employed at a construction supply company, previously was self-employed as a professional musician
    • Married with no children
    • Was on a criminal jury that reached a verdict
    • Was previously employed at a law firm in college
    • Has a will
    • Owns a hunting rifle, shotgun and a .22

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    Juror 10

    • Black woman
    • Lives in Union City
    • Single with three children, ages 20, 16, 13
    • Has a high school diploma
    • Certified nursing assistant, or home health aide, also does independent tax preparation on the side and has worked in a VA Hospital
    • Used to be a Lyft driver, has been to the Edgewood area because of that and has had drunken passengers in her car


    Juror 11

    • White woman
    • Lives in Johns Creek
    • Senior development manager for a cruise line
    • Has a college degree
    • Married with two children, ages 17 and 13
    • Cousin and best friend were both robbed at gunpoint in separate incidents
    • Has a will and is executor of her brother's will


    Juror 12

    • Black man
    • Finance and accounting manager
    • Not married, has a 25-year-old daughter in nursing school
    • Attends church and regularly engages in social activism
    • Father was a Washington, D.C. police officer
    • Said area where he lives, which is close to where the alleged crime occurred, has been gentrified in recent years


    Alternate 1 - Takes over for Juror 42, who had family emergency

    • Black woman
    • Lives in Johns Creek
    • Works for the CDC
    • Married with two daughters, ages 10 and 15
    • Abstains from alcohol, but doesn't object to other people drinking


    Alternate 2

    • White man
    • Lives in midtown
    • Works as a landscape architect and urban planner
    • Is in a committed a relationship
    • No children
    • Owns a gun but hasn't shot it recently


    Alternate 3

    • White woman
    • Lives in west midtown
    • Works as a management consultant for financial institution
    • Unmarried with no children
    • Has never fired a gun, but doesn't oppose gun ownership


    Alternate 4

    • Black woman
    • Lives in South Fulton County
    • Social worker with Fulton County DFCS 
    • Bachelor's degree in social work, working on masters in social work
    • Unmarried with no children
    • Carjacked at gunpoint in 2015, no arrest was made
    • Has a will prepared by a lawyer, and parents have a copy
    • Mother has sleep apnea
    • Involved with a youth organization called Ladies of Favor, chaperoned the group at a Black Lives Matter march

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