Judge denies bond for rapper accused of smuggling pot from California to Georgia

ATLANTA — A judge denied bond Tuesday for a famous rap artist accused of smuggling hundreds of pounds of marijuana from California to Georgia.

Channel 2 Action News was there last week when police raided an apartment complex connected to Terrell Davis, 23, who goes by the name Ralo.

Davis was arrested last Sunday in the cargo hold of a plane that agents say had over 440 pounds of marijuana inside.

Agents say Davis and his alleged gang, nicknamed Famerica, shuttled over 900,000 pounds of high-grade pot worth nearly $2 million on planes chartered by Davis.

They alleged he and his conspirators were selling the pot out of an apartment complex, nicknamed “Pakistan.” They say Davis had purchased half the units in the complex, and called it “Ralo’s Hood."

On Tuesday, Channel 2's Tom Regan was in a courtroom packed with his supporters as Ralo and several co-defendants faced a judge.


Fans also lined up outside the federal courthouse, hoisting signs calling for his release on the drug conspiracy charges.

“We are just standing here for our brother, hoping he get a bond, praying he get a bond,” Kayla Freeman said.

Ralo’s attorney told the court that Davis is an accomplished performer with five children.

Despite the evidence against him, the rapper's supporters say he gives back to the community, and is accused of selling a drug that's legal in many other states.

“Because he's in Georgia, he's going to prison for a year. Had he been in California, he would have been just another marijuana millionaire,” Veronica Waters said.

The judge denied bond for the rapper, saying he violated probation on a prior arrest and was a convicted felon. Only one of the other defendants was granted bond.

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