• Homeless student named valedictorian

    By: Sophia Choi


    ATLANTA - An Atlanta Public Schools student has received a big surprise.

    Rebecca Schmitt was honored with a scholarship after beating the odds to become valedictorian.

    Schmitt is homeless. Her mother is battling multiple myeloma.

    She's also the valedictorian at Maynard Jackson High School.

    Channel 2 highlighted Schmitt’s journey in a story.

    Robin Latimore saw it, and decided to help.

    “You are doing it sister and we are absolutely proud of you,” Latimore said.


    Latimore's foundation donated nice luggage to Schmitt.

    “It's a blessing to be honest. I really wasn't expecting anything like this,” Schmitt said.

    And she got two checks. One from The Dukes Foundation for $250 and an even bigger one from The Robin Latimore Foundation.

    “We want to reward you with a $1,500 scholarship,” Latimore said.

    “A scholarship, that's out of this world. It's amazing," Schmitt said.

    The foundation is giving her a free makeup artist and a hair stylist to help her get all dolled up for prom, but it's her inner beauty that’s really captured so many at this school.

    Her willingness to inspire others through action won't stop when she graduates.

    “I'd like to continue that by becoming a teacher for the next generation,” Schmitt said.

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