Gov. Kemp to sign 'Heartbeat Bill' into law Tuesday morning

ATLANTA — Gov. Brian Kemp will sign the controversial 'heartbeat bill' into law Tuesday morning, the governor's office confirmed to Channel 2 Action News.

The bill will ban all abortions after the first sign of a fetal heartbeat, which is approximately six weeks into a pregnancy.

Some worry about the impact the bill could have on the state’s growing film industry.

Channel 2 political reporter Richard Elliot broke the news on Twitter on Monday and went straight the Capitol to talk to the governor.

In addition to restrictions on abortions, the bill also grants citizenship to unborn children and allows mothers to collect child support before birth.

Kemp declined to talk with Elliot on Monday, saying he’d prefer to talk after the bill is signed on Tuesday.

But state Rep. Shelly Hutchinson agreed to talk and told Elliot she couldn’t support the heartbeat bill.

“It’s poorly worded. It’s poorly written, so I don’t think it will survive any challenges,” Hutchinson said

Several people tweeted their support for the bill Monday.


“Governor Kemp will show Alyssa Milano and her Hollywood hate group 'who’s the boss' by signing HB 481,” one person tweeted.

Milano appeared at the state Capitol to protest the bill in March, and protesters said it would hurt the state's growing film industry.

“People have different feelings about this,” said Kris Bagwell, chair of the Georgia Studio and Infrastructure Alliance.

The alliance is made up of a group of 14 Georgia film studios.

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While taking no stance on the bill itself, Bagwell said he worries it could cause a Hollywood backlash, which he says would hurt Georgia jobs, not Hollywood ones.

“I think that we, like any other business, need stability, predictability and a welcoming environment and so we hope that that continues,” Bagwell said.

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The American Civil Liberties Union has already said it will file a lawsuit once the bill is signed into law.

Georgia is one of 18 states across the country voting on abortion laws this year. Those other states include: Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Mississippi, Montana, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Utah.

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