Georgia’s new voting system is online, and the Secretary of State says it will make voting quicker

ATLANTA — Voting lines in the next election could be faster now that the state’s new registered voter information system is online.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger told Channel 2′s Richard Elliot that the rollout for the Georgia Registered Voter System, or Garvis, Garvis happened in record time.

Elections officials said they are excited to see it work.

“It’s supposed to be real-time, so I’m ready,” said Ronda Walthour, Liberty County Elections Director.

Walthour said she knows all about the issues of long lines and problems with Georgia’s old E-net system.

Garvis is supposed to make it easier for her office to check people in and hopefully, make those lines vanish.

“But we are told it will be one of those moments. It will be real-time, and I don’t think there will be any delays,” Walthour said.

Raffensperger announced Thursday that Garvis is officially online and in use around the state.


“We are here to announce and celebrate the successful launch of the Georgia Registered Voter System, what we affectionately call Garvis,” Raffensperger said.

He said it makes Georgia’s voter registration and information system better and much more efficient.

“Now, in only 15 months, we have executed the largest, fastest rollout of a top-down statewide voter registration system. That’s the largest and fastest in American history,” Raffensperger said.

While most voters won’t see Garvis in action -- most of that is behind the scenes -- Muscogee County elections supervisor Nancy Boren insists they could see when they check in to vote and check in quickly.

“Hopefully, the voter rolls will be clean. Voters will have an opportunity to go and early vote. Their name will appear, their addresses, their new addresses will be there, and their information will be correct,” Boren said.

Garvis cost the state a little more than $4 million. It will be in place for the next election cycle.