Georgia Dome brings out big crowds to watch demolition

ATLANTA — Big crowds showed up Monday morning to watch the historic demolition of the iconic Georgia Dome.

Channel 2's Dave Huddleston had a unique vantage spot on top of the CNN parking deck, where he was joined by hundreds of people watching the implosion.


The parking deck was filled with people who showed up to watch the implosion.

As the dust started to clear, they could see one stubborn section still standing.

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The people who watched it said they have never seen or felt anything like it.

"This was great, the implosion the concussion, watching it come down, it was just incredible," one spectator said.

"Wow, this was insane to have so much history there to watch it come down in a couple of seconds. It was like, dang!" another said.

"I didn't want it to leave, but it had to go so might as well watch it. The implosion was pretty cool even though part of it didn't fall," another spectator said.

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Channel 2's Sophia Choi was at the Westin at Peachtree Plaza in downtown Atlanta where people gathered at the SunDial for a demolition watch party with a bird's eye view.

"It was very exciting, and this was such a cool place to see it from too," Nicole McAlvany said.

Dozens gathered at the tallest hotel in the southeast to watch the demolition. It boasts a 360 degree window right above what used to be the Georgia Dome.

The demolition crew will bring the remaining section down and begin the task of removing all the debris to start the work on the new attractions coming to the area.