Georgia Aquarium announces it is expecting baby beluga whale

ATLANTA — The Georgia Aquarium will soon have a new addition to their family.

The aquarium announced Tuesday that one of its beluga whales was expected to give birth to a calf later this year. Whisper is 20 years old and is due sometime in mid-April.

The aquarium said they discovered Whisper was pregnant through a routine exam.

“We routinely monitor the health and well-being of all of our animals which allows us to detect even subtle changes in their health, like the upward trend in Whisper’s hormones,” said Dr. Tonya Clauss, vice president of animal health at Georgia Aquarium.

Whisper was brought the Georgia Aquarium in February 2019 from SeaWorld Orlando.

“It’s been fun watching Whisper socialize with the other whales at Georgia Aquarium and learn more about her personality. She is one of our more inquisitive beluga whales and it has been very rewarding to see her curiosity grow as she integrates into this social group of belugas,” said Dennis Christen, senior director of animal training, mammals and birds.

As Whisper’s pregnancy progresses, she will still receive regular ultrasounds and routine checkups from the aquarium’s vets.

“This calf is incredibly important to us, but will also be important to future generations’ ability to see and connect with these gregarious and social Arctic animals,” Christen said.