This is how Georgia Aquarium feeds its four whale sharks

This is how Georgia Aquarium feeds its four whale sharks
The Georgia Aquarium is home to many animals, including four massive whale sharks named Trixie, Alice, Yushan, and Taroko.
Access Atlanta got up close and personal with the whale sharks, getting a behind-the-scenes tour of what goes down during lunch time at the aquarium.
 Aquarist Natasha Peat, whose job is to feed the whale sharks daily, let us tag along for a feeding.
When talking about the feeding process, Peat explained:
“Our whale sharks eat four times a day. These guys have their own individual rope that they feed off of. Yushan is our smallest whale shark and he eats about 50 pounds a day. Trixie is our largest and she eats about 75 pounds a day.”
And when it comes to what kind of food items are given to the whale sharks, there’s a good mix, including krill, silversides, squid and green gel blocks, which are full of vitamins and nutrients.
Check out the video above to watch Access Atlanta’s own Brittany Tenenbaum tag along with Peat and feed the whale sharks. For more information on how to get a behind-the-scenes tour, or dive with the animals, visit