Drug prescribed to Hillary Clinton to treat pneumonia was subject of Channel 2 investigation

The antibiotic has side effects so risky that the FDA put out new warnings less than two months ago.

ATLANTA — Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is now taking an antibiotic with side-effects so risky, the FDA put out new warnings about the drug less than two months ago.

Her doctor says the drug Levaquin is treating Clinton's pneumonia.

Channel 2 Consumer investigator Jim Strickland first exposed trouble with the drug nearly two years ago.

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Strickland’s sources alerted him to Clinton's 10-day regimen on the drug.

"She indeed was given Levaquin, and I think that's just crazy," said side-effect sufferer Nicole Delaine, of Peachtree Corners.

Her testimony to an FDA panel helped sway the agency to issue the new warnings.


"Using it for a non-life-threatening infection is just dangerous," she said.

Critics of the drug wonder whether Clinton's light headedness and stumble on Sunday were more about her prescription than her illness.

"Many docs say, 'Let's just use this and use a super drug, and go out there and treat,'" said drug watchdog Dr. Charles Bennett. %



Bennett is a vocal proponent of even more warnings, and has petitioned the FDA to take action about the drug's effect on the brain and on human cells.

As of July 26, the FDA warned that doctors should limit the use of Levaquin and other fluoroquinolone medications "in patients with less serious bacterial infections."

Clinton's doctor described her pneumonia as "mild."

The FDA warnings do not list pneumonia among the conditions doctors should treat with other pills.

Bennett said that out of caution for Clinton's future health, her doctor ought to switch the medication.

"There are plenty of alternative antibiotics that are far safer to use than Levaquin for this kind of pneumonia," Bennett said.

Strickland emailed the medical practice where Clinton's doctor works to find out more about why Levaquin was prescribed and whether they knew of the updated warnings. He has not received a response.