Driver describes crazy moments ‘water boys’ jumped on hood of nearby car trying to sell water

ATLANTA — A frightening scene played out on the streets of Buckhead when several “water boys” jumped onto the hood of someone’s car to try and get them to buy water.

The driver of the car didn’t file a police report, so it’s likely no one will face charges.

The person who shot the video told Huddleston that the whole thing was pretty crazy.

“You don’t have to be disrespectful, jumping on people’s cars. Somebody could’ve fell off and got their leg ran over, or anything. A fight could’ve broke out,” said Nick Eastern Jr.

Eastern said he was running errands May 24 along Lenox Road in Buckhead when he saw a group of water boys jump on the hood of a car. He pulled out his phone and recorded video.


“It kind of looked scary because it was almost to the like 400 bridge and a green light as well, so I didn’t know if they were going to keep going onto the highway or someone is going to fall off or get hit by a car,” Eastern said.

The driver of the car didn’t call 911 so no police report was filed and officers aren’t looking for any suspects.

There have been other violent encounters with some water boys.

In April, we showed video of a water boy shooting a man at Greenbrier Mall.

Atlanta Police Chief Rodney Bryant told Channel 2′s Dave Huddleston that the city has to get back to offering young people something to do.

“We’re now seeing that without those resources, we see them turn to other activities that are not conducive to what we would want them to be doing,” Bryant said.

Eastern said if you’re going to stand on the side of the road trying to sell or ask for money, you have to be respectful.

“I say if people say ‘no,’ just leave it alone. Just walk away. Either give up this business or walk away and move onto the next car,” Eastern said.

Atlanta city leaders are discussing a program with Coca-Cola to see if they can start a water distribution business to give the water boys real business skills instead of selling their water on the street.