5 confirmed cases of the UK Covid variant in Georgia, DPH says

ATLANTA — The Georgia Department of Health says there are five cases of the fast-spreading coronavirus variant first identified in the U.K. in the state.

DPH spokesperson Nancy Nydam told Channel 2′s Lori Wilson that even though the variant is more easily spread, the current coronavirus vaccines to help in preventing contracting the virus.

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“It is really important to emphasize that what we know right now, the vaccine is effective against this strain and while it spreads faster/easier, it does not appear to cause more serious illness than the original strain,” Nydam said.

The first case in Georgia was identified on Jan. 5; an 18-year-old man with no history of travel.

The other cases have not yet been identified.

Health officials say it is common for viruses to mutate, sometimes even several times.