34-year-old father in critical condition after shooting outside country club

ATLANTA — A 34-year-old father is in critical condition after he was shot outside a wedding reception Saturday night.

Christian Broder, his brother and their friends were waiting on an Uber outside Capital City Club in Brookhaven when a car pulled up.

Broder's brother, Nicholas, told Channel 2's Tom Jones they thought it was their Uber, but suddenly, a man with a gun got out of the passenger side of the car.

Nicholas Broder says they cooperated and the gunman took their money, a purse, wallets and a cellphone. As the gunman walked away, officers say Christian Broder followed, trying to negotiate with him. That’s when the gunman shot Christian Broder in the stomach.

“It was terrifying. I think I’m still shocked about the entire situation,” Nicholas Broder said. ‘It’s one of the toughest things I’ve ever seen.”

Christian Broder, who is married with a 9-month-old child, is in critical condition, but stable in an intensive care unit.


“He's a great guy. I've looked up to him my whole life and I just pray that he's able to pull through this,” Nicholas Broder said.

Charlie Broder says his son is responding, but has a long way to go.

“He is stable but critical, very critical. His body has endured a tremendous amount of shock,” Charlie Broder said.

The elder Broder says his son suffered a similar gunshot wound as Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise, which gives the family hope. They said if Scalise can recover, so can Christian.

“We’re just trying to be optimistic and hopeful,” Charlie Broder said.

The Broders didn’t want to share a photo of Christian Broder but say their son is very loved and they are asking people to continue to pray for him.

“We’re thankful for all the prayers and support we’ve received,” Nicholas Broder said.

Police say a 2014 white Dodge Charger that was stolen out of Forest Park was captured on surveillance video around the time of the shooting. The victims say the gunman got out of a possibly white or gray car.

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