• 'Black Panther's historic Oscar push shows Atlanta is 'new Hollywood,' TCM host says

    By: Diana Bosch


    ATLANTA - For Turner Classic Movies host Alicia Malone, the Oscars are her Super Bowl. The Australian film reporter and author loves the glitz and glamor of Hollywood and shares that with viewers during 31 Days of Oscar, a monthlong tribute to Oscar-winning and Oscar-nominated films airing on the network.

    "It's so much fun to research all these films and talk about these movies. There's always discoveries to be had. For me being a film history nerd, it's so much fun to draw a line from old movies that won Oscars to new movies that won Oscars today," she said.

    This Sunday's 91st Oscars ceremony proves to be even more unpredictable than years past. Despite the shakeups in the ceremony and no host, viewers can bet on seeing an evening dedicated to celebrating the movies, no matter what happens. 

    How well will the movies filmed in Atlanta fare? What will the show be like without a host? WATCH the 2019 Academy Awards Feb. 24 at 8 p.m. LIVE on Channel 2!

    "It's so much fun to have a night that celebrates movies, and it's such a historical night. It's been around for 91 years," Malone said. "When you watch it, it's so glamorous. I love seeing all the stars dressed up."

    Malone will be giving her predictions on ABC's official red carpet pre-show Sunday, which you can watch on Channel 2 beginning at 6:30 p.m.

    History has already been made, thanks to Atlanta. Marvel's blockbuster, cultural hit, "Black Panther," 

    Turner Classic Movies host Alicia Malone
    Turner Classic Movies
    became the first superhero film to receive a best picture nomination. The film was shot at EUE Screen Gems and at other various locations throughout Atlanta.

    "I think it shows that Atlanta has become such a central place to make films, not only on a big scope like comic book movies but films that are of cultural significance which is what 'Black Panther' is," she said. "It was so refreshing to see so many African-American actors on screen playing these characters. It was a very African story. I think it just proves Atlanta is the new Hollywood."

    In addition to "Black Panther," the Oscar-nominated films "First Man" and "Avengers: Infinity War" were also filmed in Georgia. 

    Curious about the other nominees? CLICK HERE to take a look at the full list.



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