• APS teachers furloughed on Labor Day

    By: Dave Huddleston


    ATLANTA - Atlanta Public School teachers were notified this week they will be furloughed on Labor Day and not paid.

    School officials said it will count as one of three furlough days all employees will be forced to take this year due to decreased budgets.

    "The state has decided it really doesn't believe in education because it keeps cutting and cutting from our children and teachers," said Veradaillia Turner, president of the Atlanta Federation of Teachers.

    Georgia lawmakers cut the education budget in recent years and many districts decided to make up for lost money by furloughing employees.

    "The state education budget is $19 billion when it used to be $21 billion," said state Sen. Fran Millar. "We just don't have the money anymore."

    Fran said each school district must decide how to make up costs and APS chose furloughs. APS said all employees will take one holiday and two

    regular working days as furlough and specific administrative positions will have a fourth furlough day.

    "They are so busy every day in the classroom and most people don't know until something has arrived on their doorstep," said Turner.

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