• Angela Williamson


    VERDICT: RICO: GUILTY, False statements: GUILTY, False swearing: GUILTY

    SENTENCE: Five years to serve two, three years probation, 1,500 hours of community hours and $5,000 fine. Sentenced as a first offender.

    Angela Williamson turned herself into authorities at the Fulton County Jail in April 2013.

    Williamson, a former teacher at Dobbs Elementary School, was accused of giving students signals such as frowning and coughing to encourage them to change answers on CRCT tests in 2009. Investigators said she cued students to change answers by instructing them to review answers.

    "It was stated that I supposedly told a teacher to turn the other way because I was assisting a student. That never happened. It's just a lot of false allegations," said Williamson.

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