• 911 recording addressed in Jamie Hood trial


    ATHENS, Ga. - The prosecution in the death penalty case against accused Athens cop killer Jamie Hood played the 911 recordings from the day of the shootings.
    Hood is accused of, and has admitted to, killing Athens Clarke County Police Officer Elmer "Buddy" Christian and wounding officer Tony Howard. Among the recordings is what's believed to be Christian's call that he'd been shot.
    "Oh, I'm shot!" Christian is heard on the recording, made March 22, 2011. "Central, I'm shot! Oh my God!" Christian died at the scene.
    Hood is representing himself during this capital murder trial after he fired two previous sets of defense attorneys. While he has admitted to the shootings, he is trying to convince the jury that he was justified in doing it.

    Hood tried to get Clarke County 911 Supervisor Kevin McGreevy to admit that some mistakes were made and protocols not followed that day. He pointed out that Christian never identified himself or gave his badge number when he made his final transmission.
    "How could you say that was Officer Christian when you didn't see him get on that radio or call or you didn't hear his number?" Hood asked. "How can you 100 percent say that was Officer Christian?"
    "I recognize his voice," McGreevy answered. "I would not fault a police officer for improper radio protocol when he'd been shot."
    Testimony will continue Monday morning.

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