• 7-year-old's killer failed polygraph


    CHEROKEE COUNTY, Ga.,None - The maintenance man who killed a 7-year-old Canton girl repeatedly lied to state investigators during a polygraph test. His denials came to light in a 90-minute recorded interview released by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation on Thursday.

    Ryan Brunn, 20, took part in the community effort to search for Jorelys Rivera after she disappeared from her apartment complex’s playground. But the day after her body was found in a Dumpster, Brunn was being questioned by authorities.

    Brunn opened the interview by admitting he previously lied to investigators when he told them he didn’t go to the trash compacter hours after Jorelys’ disappearance.

    “I thought they were just going to start pinpoint, because I did run it. I should have just told the truth straight up,” he told GBI agent Keith Sitton.

    The agent spent an hour questioning Brunn about several things, including drug use, previous allegations against him and his involvement in the girl’s death.

    Brunn initially said he last smoked pot the previous day but changed his story when caught.


    “It looks like you had a little more marijuana than your telling me, so when was the last time you had one?” Sitton asked.

    “This morning,” Brunn replied.

    Brunn also denied that anyone had ever accused him of molesting a child, when in fact he was accused of fondling a girl in Virginia before he moved to Georgia. When Sitton brought up the Virginia incident, Brunn said he lied about it because nothing was on his record.

    When asked about Jorelys, Brunn denied any involvement in her death.

    “I didn’t do nothing to that little Spanish girl,” Brunn said.

    But last week, he admitted to sexually molesting the girl, then slashing her with a razor and beating her to death with her roller skate. Brunn apologized in court. Two days later, he hanged himself with a sweatshirt in his prison cell.


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