• Feed, interact with exotic wildlife at Wild Animal Safari

    By: Nelson Hicks


    PINE MOUNTAIN, Ga. - Ever had a giraffe head in your car? How about a zebra at your window? Has a wildebeest ever slobbered on your front seat?

    Nelson's News on wsbtv.com experienced all that and then some on an animal safari.

    Safaris offer participants a chance to witness exotic wildlife like very few experiences can. The good news is, participants don't have to travel all the way to Africa to take part in one. There's a safari right here in Georgia.

    GALLERY: There's a giraffe in my car!

    The Wild Animal Safari is in Pine Mountain, about an hour and 20 minutes south of Atlanta. It's on the way to Columbus.

    The Wild Animal Safari features two attractions. There's a 200-acre, five mile drive-through safari, in addition to a walk-through one. Visitors can drive their own cars, rent a van or take the guided bus tour that runs seasonally through the Wild Animal Safari. There, guests will get up close and personal with an amazing array of animals, including antelope, ostrich, rhinos, camels, bison and water buffalo.

    And these animals aren't shy. Visitors don't have to worry about getting one quick photo before the animals dash out of sight. At the Wild Animal Safari, most of the animals in the drive-through attraction wander up to the passing vehicles and even stick a head into the vans and buses, looking for food.

    The safari includes 700 to 800 animals, with most freely roaming the entire facility. The camels and rhinos are housed in individual sections.

    The walk-through attraction includes many of the animals that are too dangerous to put into the larger drive-through area. Animals in the walk-through exhibit include tigers, ligers, crocodiles, bears and monkeys.

    Tickets are about $20 for adults and $17 for kids, but the Wild Animal Safari does offer a number of discounts.

    For more information about the safari, check out animalsafari.com.

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