• Fugitive squad picks up 2 teens accused in homicide

    By: Erin Coleman


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga.,None - Two suspects are in custody after a deadly home invasion Halloween Night.

    Channel 2's Erin Coleman was with DeKalb County's Fugitive Squad as they followed leads to take down the teenagers.

    After tracking the men, deputies arrested Corey Thomas, 18, and a 17-year-old juvenile around 11 a.m. Thursday.

    Investigators said the two and a third teen stormed a home on Columbia Drive, robbing and fatally shooting Armando Deshazer several times.

    "We did surveillance on one of the houses, observed one of the suspects get in the car and we took the car down," Sgt. Wayne Nelson of the squad said.


    But investigators said they are still after one more suspect believed to be the triggerman.

    "He has an Adidas tattoo, full body tattoo and he wears Adidas a lot," an undercover investigator said.

    For most of the day, Coleman watched as undercover officers flanked by uniformed deputies and a K-9 unit went from home to home looking for the last suspect.

    By evening, they had not found him, although they said they are confident they will. The unit said they have a 97 percent success rate for murder warrants.

    "It's a good day," Sgt. Nelson said. "We'll get this third one. It's what we do."

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    Fugitive squad picks up 2 teens accused in homicide