Emory Statement

The ability to provide accurate estimates has long been a challenge for hospitals. Each patient is unique and the complexity associated with each individual's course of care makes it challenging for many hospital systems to provide estimates for procedures.

With an increasing number of patients who are paying out of pocket or who have high deductible plans, Emory Healthcare recognizes the need to provide estimates to its patients, and is working to address this demand. 
The Emory Clinic is utilizing a software system to provide estimates for clinic-based procedures that explains each line item for the patient, taking into account their individual insurance plan. Given this technology's success, our hospitals are currently working to implement a similar system. 

Hospital charges are more complex than clinic charges for many reasons, including the intricacy of the procedures that are administered in hospitals.  In addition to providing estimates for those more complicated procedures, Emory Healthcare is working to develop a list of flat rates for more standard out-patient services. 

We are continuing to explore innovative ways to address the needs of our patients and our ability to provide cost estimates for procedures.  We look forward to being able to readily respond to the questions surrounding cost-per-procedure in the future.