12.25.19 Car subscriptions services; Making money online

People have become comfortable subscribing to most anything. But cars is a new frontier. The first efforts at car subscription services appeared in 2017, all aimed at the luxury market. $1 – $2K a month bought a rotating fleet of vehicles as desired. Current services limit changeouts. There are now subscription services competitive with typical vehicle costs. The cost of having a vehicle all in averages around $700 a month. Now car subscription services are appearing that include insurance, maintenance and all fees with no long term commitment for $500- to $700 a month. This allows you to flex vehicle needs from sedans to trucks. At this price level, these will be typical vehicles. This could be a good choice for convenience leasers. The best answer remains buying a used car and driving it until the wheels fall off.

Clark's has talked about Mechanical Turk (MTurk), now the subject of a NYT report, claiming it's a waste of time paying .97cents an hour. Our own investigation found you could average making around $7 an hour. True, many surveys on the site are a waste of time. But there's a plugin we recommend to figure out which surveys are worth your time.
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