12.23.19 Google Flights to save on travel; Don’t carry these things in your wallet

Google has the most sophisticated search tool for finding travel bargains because they acquired a key industry database. That combined with Google’s data capabilities yields up-to-the-second info. They’ve added a feature allowing you to shop flights to adjacent airports while shopping flights between selected airports. Google.com/flights is able to shop all fares for months at a time for selected and neighboring airports. You can pull up a calendar and see day by day, month by month the cheapest fares.

Let's go back a decade + and talk analog financial crime – stolen wallets. It still happens. NEVER NEVER NOT EVER carry a checkbook unless you're on your way to a house closing. If your checks are stolen and a criminal writes checks as if they're you, when those checks pass – YOU get arrested for the bad check. You end up with a record, and having to hire a defense attorney. You have to prove innocence. It's an abuse the way the law works here. 2. Purge all the cards you really don't need. Limit the damage by scaling down your wallet. NEVER carry your social security card around.     
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