College Park police bust prostitutes, Johns in undercover sting

COLLEGE PARK, Ga.,None — Police in College Park held a major sting operation Thursday night aimed at suspected prostitutes and Johns.

The sting was held in a corridor where business owners and people who do business say the blatant prostitution has to stop;

Investigators said the problem is so bad College Park police gave Channel 2's Tom Jones rare, exclusive access to an operation aimed at sending a message this type of crime won't be tolerated.

Jones said he was right in thick of things as officers raided a local motel.

Jones asked one of the males arrested, "Sir were you attempting to solicit sex?"

"No sir," The suspect said.

"What's this all about then?" Jones asked, but the victim didn't respond.

Officers said prostitution is a significant issue on Old National Highway near Godby Road.

"Well we get constant complaints from business owners, the hotels the airline people who are staying in the hotels and the residents they're just tired they're fed up with it," Captain David Block with the College Park Police Department.

So a special operations team gave Jones exclusive access as they set up in hotel rooms.

Two undercover officers walked the streets and officers said johns would solicit them.

The officers then would bring the suspects back to the hotel rooms and that's where they were arrested.

Most denied selling or buying sex.

"No sir. Somebody just got in touch with me and wanted to hook up for a little while," a female suspect said.

Jones asked, "For money?"

The female suspect responded, "No."

Officers also set up in a room where they used a social networking advertising site to seek out prostitutes.

Several suspected prostitutes were arrested using that approach.

But police said they have a message to send.

"If you're looking for a date on the street corners of College Park you're gonna find one and it's gonna be an arraignment date," Block said.