Clark Howard Discusses New Cell Phone Deal

ATLANTA,None — This has been the year of the cell phone bargains. It seems as soon as we have a deal that's the cheapest ever, another better one comes along.

Here's a deal Clark Howard thinks is fantastic for people who use a couple hundred minutes each month. It's called It's a subsidiary of Sprint.

Here's how it works:

You spend $30 every two months. The cost of minutes are 7 cents per minute. Texts are also 7 cents each.

So basically, you pay $15 per month for service and you end up with about 400 minutes every 60 days. You can use the minutes for calling or texting.

VIDEO: Clark Howard Talks About New Cell Phone Deal

And listen to this wrinkle: The company rounds down the time you spend on the phone, so if you talk on the phone a minute and a half, you're only charged for one minute, where all the other cell companies would charge you for 2 minutes.

The phones are cheap. The lowest price phone is around $19. You want one with a nice keyboard for texting? That will set you back $69. You do not have to sign a contract. Clark says you can get the service online at The phones are also available at Walmart.