• 2 Alligators Now Spotted In Fayette County

    FAYETTE COUNTY, Ga.,None - Fayette County is now dealing with two alligators occupying bodies of water.

    Channel 2's Tom Jones first reported of an alligator in a household pond in south Fayette County Tuesday.

    Trappers with the Department of Natural Resources returned to the pond Wednesday to try to coax the gator out.

    The DNR crew wanted to euthanize the alligator.

    The homeowner's granddaughter, Ashton Spivey, wants the DNR crew to stay its execution plan and do a catch-and-release.

    Spivey has named the alligator Oliver and created a Save Oliver Facebook page.

    She hopes to get enough people to like Oliver to make him so famous DNR will have to spare him.

    Meanwhile, 11.5 miles away in Peachtree City, Carolyn Podolski said she and a friend were on the edge of Lake Kedron when they saw what looked like a log suddenly move toward them very fast.

    Then the saw the log had eyes and a big snout. She guessed the gator was about 5 feet long.

    Leslie Sayers called police about the new gator spotting, and police thought she was calling about Oliver.

    Sayers said it took police a minute to realize they were now dealing with two alligators.

    Late Wednesday after, DNR trappers launched two boats into the pond with Oliver with hopes to catch him. They are still trying to get a better location on the second alligator spotting in Peachtree City.

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    2 Alligators Now Spotted In Fayette County