See the world's largest Ten Commandments

See the world's largest Ten Commandments

MURPHY, NC — Thou shalt not find a larger display of the Ten Commandments than the ones at Fields of the Wood.

Fields of the Wood is located in Murphy, NC, just across the Georgia-North Carolina state line, about 30 miles north of Blue Ridge.

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The 200-acre Biblical theme park housing the display is managed by Heritage Ministries, part of the Chuch of God of Prophecy.

The park dates back to 1940 with a temporary display before the construction of the permanent structure began in 1943.

The letters are about five feet tall and four feet wide. The Commandments mark the face of Burger Mountain and can be seen from 5,000 feet in the air.

Visitors can climb 326 stairs to the top of the Ten Commandments. Climb another 32 stairs and guests will sit atop the New Testament Outlook and can enjoy views of western North Carolina, eastern Tennessee and northern Georgia on a clear day. Guests can opt to drive to the top as well.

The park includes several other displays including the All Nations Cross, Prayer Mountain, Baptismal Pool, Garden Tomb and more.

Admission to Fields of the Wood is free. There is a gift shop and cafe on site.