• New beer celebrates Sea Otters at Georgia Aquarium

    By: Nelson Hicks


    ATLANTA - Beer lovers can cuddle up with the newest release from Georgia Aquarium and Red Brick Brewing Co. Sea Otter Stout will hit select shelves throughout Atlanta the week of Dec. 4. The special-edition winter brew marks the third seasonal release this year from Georgia Aquarium and Red Brick Brewing Co.

    A roasty American stout that offers a bold hop character from Centennial and Chinook hop varieties and an ABV of 6.5%, the brew’s flavor profile and release date make it the perfect holiday beverage for Atlantans to support a local non-profit with a global mission. Proceeds from sales of Sea Otter Stout will support one of the aquarium’s most beloved animals - the Southern sea otter. Sea otters are currently “Endangered” on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List and face threats such as entanglement in fishing equipment, oil spills and shark predation.

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    “We are proud to be in partnership with Red Brick Brewing Co. for a third craft beer to bring awareness to another endangered species in our care, the sea otter,” said Gina Fisher, associate curator, mammals and birds. “This collaboration is so unique and a great way to bring awareness to this animal and to inspire others to help.”

    Georgia Aquarium and Red Brick share a commitment to sustainability and conservation. Red Brick aims to be a leader in the U.S. craft beer industry as an environmentally-responsible brewery with eco-friendly initiatives including biodegradable can connectors and a shift from bottles to more often recycled Aluminum cans. The two entities formalized a partnership through summer 2018 and consecutive releases are scheduled for spring and the return of Whale Shark Wheat next summer.

    “Supporting our community is one of the things that is most important to us as a company, and being able to do that with such a great group, while also raising money that will support wildlife across the world is something we are really proud of,” said Red Brick President Garett Lockhart. “The last two beers we released have been very popular and we only hope to see more success with Sea Otter Stout and our 2018 collaboration releases with Georgia Aquarium”.

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    Red Brick and Georgia Aquarium will unveil this new seasonal release on Dec. 1 with a public launch event held at Red Brick Brewing.

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