• Access Atlanta gets a ride in Pitts S2C biplane, performing at Atlanta Air show

    By: Brittany Tenenbaum


    HAMPTON, Ga - Access Atlanta got a behind-the-scenes look at the Pitts S2C, a light aerobatic biplane that will be used in this weekend’s Atlanta Air Show at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.

    Billy Werth, one of the pilots and aerobatics performers at the upcoming show took us for a ride around the Atlanta Motor Speedway.

    “The Air Show will be awesome,” Werth said. “There’s a little bit of everything for everyone.”

    And when it comes to stunts, you had better believe they will have plenty for the spectators to enjoy.

    “You’ve got small airplanes, like mine. There are a couple of us here who are going to be doing tumbles and flips and all sorts of crazy stuff. You’ve got big jets. You’ve got the A10s, the A22s,” Werth said.

    Check out Access Atlanta’s Brittany Tenenbaum flying the Pitts S2C plane with Werth in the video above.

    The Atlanta Air Show takes place Saturday and Sunday.

    For more information on the Atlanta Air Show, check out airshowatlanta.com.

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