How does pollen get counted?

Certified counters from Atlanta Allergy & Asthma wake up early and physically count the number of pollen particles on a glass slide, which has been outside for 24 hours prior.

The number you see on Channel 2 Action News and on our free WSB Weather App is the number from that morning's count and represents the pollen present in the metro.

Technicians decipher the different types of pollen particles using a microscope. That’s how we know which types of trees, weeds and grass are pollinating and causing issues.

People with allergies should look at the types of pollen that are mentioned in that morning count to know how they might be impacted during the day.

Not everyone is allergic to or irritated by the same thing, but when numbers climb into the thousands, even if you’re not allergic to pollen, you could be irritated.

Allergy experts recommend removing your clothes after being outdoors to eliminate pollen irritants inside your home. That also means washing your animals, which have been outside, so they don’t bring allergens inside.

You can get the pollen count every day as its updated on our website and on Channel 2 Action News.