WSB-TV honored with 8 Emmy awards

Channel 2 honored with 8 Emmy awards

ATLANTA — The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Southeast honored WSB-TV with eight Emmy Awards for outstanding achievement.

NATAS, a professional, non-profit association dedicated to excellence in visual media, serves the southeast region comprising the following geographic areas: Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Asheville, NC.

The 2018 Emmy Awards Ceremony GALA took place Saturday, June 16 at the Grand Hyatt Buckhead-Atlanta.

The complete list of Channel 2 Awards by category is below:

NEWSCAST - DAILY (MARKETS 1-25) Channel 2 Action News at 5:00 - Hurricane Irma - Joe Cowan, Misti Turnbull, Jessica Poole, Joe Meynarez, Bryan Leavoy, Sharleta Stamps, Rachel Lebedin, Susan Falcon, Drew Kwederas

NEWSCAST – MORNING (MARKETS 1-25) - Channel 2 Action News This Morning – Hurricane Irma - Corinne Gensler, Kimberly Page, Fred Blankenship, James Reed, Karen Minto, Brian Monahan

BREAKING NEWS - Interstate Bridge Collapse - Rachel Lebedin, Cheryl Ntab, Josh Roberts

NEWS SPECIAL- Tackling Atlanta's Traffic - Brad Stone, Sheila Schutt, Renee Bottie-Wheeler

TEAM COVERAGE - Eclipse - Misti Turnbull, Bryan Leavoy, Joe Cowan, Susan Falcon, Sharleta Stamps, Amanda Stanley, Jessica Poole, Justin Farmer, Jovita Moore, Glenn Burns, Dante Tinsley, Tony Light, Katie Walls, Damon McGhee, Brian Monahan, Oscar Carillo De Albornoz, Ross Cavitt, Dana Mosley

BUSINESS/CONSUMER - NEWS FEATURE - Weed Killer Controversy - Jim Strickland, Josh Wade

WEATHER – NEWSCAST - Hurricane Irma - Misti Turnbull, Karen Minton, Glenn Burns, Brad Nitz, Brian Monahan, Katie Walls, Tony Thomas, Levar James, Nicole Carr, Chris Jose, Dante Tinsley, Damon McGhee

PROMOTION - IMAGE – NEWS 2017 - Year Ender - Steve Riley, Adrianne Klabik, Dave Ferebee, Julie Schulman