Walmart: Some customers at self-checkout were overcharged due to technical issue

Customers are getting the money refunded, Walmart said.

Walmart officials said Wednesday that a technical issue that happened in mid-March resulted in the retailer overcharging customers at some stores in the United States, Bloomberg News reported.

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The stores suffered a technical glitch on self-serve checkout machines on March 19 that prevented price data from flowing to the kiosks at least 1,600 stores.

The issue lasted for days, the company said in an email and resulted in overcharging customers on thousands of items including food and clothing.

“We’ve made it a priority to refund customers who were overcharged, and we did not take action on the undercharges with our customers,” Walmart spokesperson, Mischa Dunton, said.

According to Reuters, Walmart did not respond to questions about the number of products that rang up incorrectly nor the amount of money that shoppers overpaid.

It is not known the exact number of stores that encountered the problem, nor their locations.

In January, Walmart agreed to pay $45 million to settle a class-action lawsuit filed in Florida alleging it overcharged shoppers for bags of citrus fruit and some meat, poultry and seafood products sold by weight, Reuters reported. The company denied any wrongdoing.

Bloomberg also reported on Wednesday the company also had a glitch with its photo and vision centers earlier this year.

The retail giant was also sued for charging more for items at the register than was posted for those items on the store shelves.

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