Millions tossed: Winning ticket destined for second chance drawing or trash returned to buyer

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. — A million-dollar winning lottery ticket had been set aside to be thrown away but an eagle-eyed store owner realized that the ticket was destined for more than the rubbish bin.

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Abhi Shah was going through a pile of non-winning scratch-off tickets that were supposed to be thrown away, WWLP reported.

A frequent ticket buyer had given the ticket back to the store, which she believed wasn’t a winner, to be thrown away or added to the second chance drawing.

Shah was going through the tickets and noticed that one had not been fully scratched off.

“I scratched the number, and it was $1 million underneath the ticket,” Shah told WWLP

For two nights Shah and his family debated what to do with what the buyer had thought was just trash.

They all decided to return the ticket to the original owner.

“As soon as she came in, I hand her $1 million ticket, and she freaked out and cried like a baby,” Maunish Shah, owner of the shop, told WWLP. “She sat down on the floor right here.”

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