Michael Oher case: Judge ends conservatorship between Oher and the Tuohys

A Tennessee judge on Friday ended a conservatorship agreement between former NFL player Michael Oher and Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy, a Memphis, Tennessee, couple who took Oher in to live with them when he was in high school.

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Judge Kathleen Gomes said she is terminating the agreement that was reached between the Tuohys and Oher in 2004 that allowed the couple to control Oher’s finances, the Associated Press reported.

Michael Oher’s life story was made into the blockbuster movie “The Blind Side,” and told the story of how the Tuohy family took Oher in when he was a teenager.

Oher signed the conservatorship agreement when he was 18 and living with the couple. It allowed the couple to make financial decisions for him.

Oher went on to have successful playing careers at the University of Mississippi and in the NFL.

Gomes said she was not dismissing the case Oher brought against the Tuohys alleging they took money from him.

Oher claims the couple used his name, image and likeness to enrich themselves, and lied to him that the conservatorship he signed meant the Tuohys were adopting him.

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