Man in leopard-print pajamas found with gerbils in his pants after business break-ins


COLUMBUS, Ohio — Police had quite a crime scene on their hands in Columbus, Ohio.

They were called after several businesses were broken into, one of which was a pet store where several animals had been freed.

Columbus police said when they arrived at the Petland store, they found an open door and birds, dogs, rabbits, gerbils, and ferrets, all running free, WCMH reported. Several animals were recovered except for a couple of gerbils, ferrets, and rabbits.

“One day, you’re running after a suspect. The next day, you’re running after ferrets and bunnies,” Sgt. Joe Albert told WBNS.

Other businesses in the shopping center were also broken into, including a restaurant where police were able to obtain a video that showed a man wearing leopard-print pajamas.

Officers found blood at the scene of the break-ins and eventually found the man they said had entered the businesses. Matthew Pancake was found sleeping near another store and inside his pants, they found gerbils, WBNS and WCMH reported.

WSYX said the pajamas were an onsie and the animals were found in the outfit’s pockets.

The gerbils were not hurt.

Pancake is facing charges of breaking and entering and vandalism.

“It’s very odd,” Albert said, according to WSYX. “Obviously, we don’t know what this individual is going through.”

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