Hurricane Ian: How to find the evacuation zone you live in; evacuation routes

As Hurricane Ian moves toward the Gulf of Mexico and a likely landfall on Florida’s Gulf Coast, now is the time to make sure you know which evacuation zone you live in in case you are ordered to leave in advance of the storm.

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Mandatory evacuations, if they are issued, are likely to come as early as Monday evening or Tuesday morning.

If evacuation orders are issued by the governor of Florida, they will be issued by zone. Here are the links to information about potential flooding risks and storm evacuation zones.

To determine your hurricane evacuation zone:

Click on this link: Know Your Zone.

Enter your address.

A map of your home will come up, then colored boxes will appear over the map. Look at the color of the box over your address.

The colors correspond to a key on the page that tells you the zone the address falls under.

For instance, if a green box is over your home, you live in evacuation zone D. When an evacuation order is issued, if the order includes Zone D, you should be prepared to evacuate your home.

To determine if you live in a flood zone:

Click on this link: FEMA Map Service Center.

Enter your address.

Click on the “Dynamic Map” option.

You will then see information about potential flood damage near your address.

How to find evacuation routes for your area:

Click on this link: Know Your Zone.

Enter your address.

Click on the “Layer List,” which is on the upper-right portion of the page. It looks like a stack of papers.

A dropdown menu will appear. Click on “Evacuation Routes.” Close the list.

The evacuation routes will appear highlighted on the map.

How to find shelters:

Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play and download the FEMA app and you can find a list of open shelters during an active disaster in your area.

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