General Motors joins companies working remotely until Summer 2021

DETROIT — Most of General Motors’s salaried employees will work from home until June 2021, according to internal documents obtained by the Detroit Free Press.

GM executives told its corporate employees they will receive instructions regarding how to pick up personal items and workplace equipment in the coming weeks.

Many of GM’s corporate employees have been working remotely since March. The internal email from leadership noted employees can expect to continue working from home until June 30, 2021.

That directive comes within the same week the Trump administration urged states to be ready to distribute a COVID-19 vaccine by Nov. 1.

GM executives noted the company will work to create “a more flexible work culture” after the pandemic, the Free Press reported.

Amazon, Apple, Capital One and Salesforce are among the companies allowing employees to work remotely through the end of the year.

Google and Uber have extended work-from-home policies for corporate employees to next summer.

Executives at Slack, Twitter, Square and Shopify have pitched letting some employees work virtually forever.