Big Mac, big changes: McDonald’s tweaking its burgers

The classic McDonald’s burgers are getting a big change.

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The company is adjusting how its iconic Big Macs, McDoubles, cheeseburgers and hamburgers are made.

Some of the changes include “perfectly melted cheese,” onions being added to the burgers while they’re on the grill so they caramelize, softer buns that are toasted and Big Macs with more sauce, USA Today reported.

Some cities — Los Angeles, Seattle, Phoenix and Las Vegas — have the first chance to experience the upgraded burgers this week while the rest of the stores will get them early next year, CNN reported.

They’ve also already rolled out in Australia, Canada and Belgium.

With the upgraded burgers, an old favorite has come back to promote the classics — the Hamburglar, whose design is more like the 1980s version than the Hamburglar from 2015.

McDonald’s is the latest fast food chain to revamp its offerings.

Competitor Burger King has been trying to update its Whopper and amped up its advertising game. The company even held training focused on the Whopper for franchisees. Burger King said in February that the focus on the Whopper helped increase sales, CNN reported.