Woman in need gives Florida firefighters the finger -- and they helped her

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. — One woman gave some South Florida firefighters the finger this week, but the first responders were only too happy to help her.

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The Delray Beach resident said she removed her wedding and engagement rings from her ring finger and put them on her right middle finger, the Sun-Sentinel reported. When she tried to put the rings back on the proper finger, she was unable to remove them.

Pulling and twisting did not work. Neither did olive oil.

The woman's finger began to swell and turn red, so she took her mother and young daughter to Delray Beach Fire Rescue Station No. 113, WPEC reported.

"She was frantic," Fire-Rescue spokeswoman Dani Moschella told the Sun-Sentinel. "Her finger was getting numb."

In a Facebook post, firefighters are pictured spraying lubricant on the woman's finger, and also trying to twist the rings with dental floss.

So what do you do when you make a little mistake like slipping your wedding and engagement rings off your ring finger...

Posted by Delray Beach Fire Rescue on Thursday, November 14, 2019

Finally, the firefighters used a ring cutter, which is a metal tool with a hook that can slip behind a ring, the Sun-Sentinel reported. The cutter works when a firefighter turns a knob, and a small saw rotates to cut the ring free.

So, the woman, who has not been identified, sat in a char with her right hand extended as if she was receiving a manicure, the newspaper reported. The firefighters were able to free the woman's finger, although the ring will have to be repaired.

"Those guys can handle any emergency -- even the tiny, sparkling kind," Delray Fire Rescue wrote on Facebook.

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