Florida man accused of fleeing police, gloating in 911 call: 'Like, what do we pay you guys for?'

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. — A Florida man is accused of fleeing police, then calling 911 while he was on the run, asking, "Like, what do we pay you guys for?" authorities said.

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According to the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office, Nicholas Jones, 19, of St. Augustine, fled police May 4 as they attempted to pull him over for a tail light violation. After he pulled a U-turn and was unable to be located, he called police to gloat, authorities said.

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Investigators said they were able to link his phone number with his identity. The Sheriff's Office also learned that Jones has an active warrant out of the agency.

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The next day, police were able to find his vehicle parked in front of a Ross clothing store.

Units arrived at the front and back doors, and Jones was arrested.

Upon being asked why he ran from the traffic stop the day before, he smiled and said nothing, according to the SJSO. Then, he was asked why he would call 911 and he started to gloat, police said.

"I saw him turn his lights and sirens on and was going to stop but I didn't want to," Jones reportedly told police.

Jones reportedly told police that he called 911 because he "could not believe that after [they] had his tag [they] could not find him."

On his way to the St. Johns County Jail, Jones said, "How can you find me in a store but not when I run from you guys?" according to police.