Teen sends SWAT team to another teen’s home over gaming conflict, told police gamer killed his mom

CHEROKEE COUNTY, Ga. — The SWAT team raced to a Cherokee County home after a teen called saying he killed his mother.

In addition to saying he killed his mother, police said he also threatened to kill his sisters and kill himself. But it turns out it was just a prank call, also known as “swatting.”

They call it “swatting” because a SWAT team is usually sent when those types of violent calls come in.

In this case, the teen’s call was made from across the state.

Channel 2′s Tom Regan was at the Cherokee County 911 Call Center on Wednesday.

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Back in March, the teen claimed to be inside of a Cherokee community subdivision and made the call at 5 a.m.

“I killed my mom and I got my two little sisters, they’re sleeping their room right now. And I’m fixing to go in and kill them all too. ..and kill myself,” according to the call to 911.

Capt. Jay Baker with Cherokee County said several officers showed up after the call was made.

“We had 30 law enforcement officers show up on this call,” said Capt. Jay Baker.

Seconds later, the dispatcher asked the teen why he did what he did.

“Because we had a big argument, and like she’s a big drug addict and like she’s a huge drug addict and I didn’t want my sisters to see it,” the teen said on the call.


The SWAT team and other law enforcement went to the home, anticipating a confrontation. But then, someone came to the door.

“Someone, the homeowner, came out the front door looking confused,” said Baker.

Baker said they were concerned but they were able to call him over to speak with him.

“Things weren’t adding up to what was described in the call and what was happening in the house and then we quickly realized it was a swatting call,” said Baker.

Investigators traced the bogus 911 call to a 15-year-old in Harlem, Georgia, on the outskirts of Augusta.

Police said the teen made the prank call following an online gaming clash with a teen in the Cherokee County home. He made the swatting calls to 911 centers in other states, apparently in relation to conflicts with other gamers.

Baker said there were also calls made in other states.

“Also made calls to North Carolina, Connecticut and Florida. Two of those calls actually resulted in the swat team kicking the door down,” said Baker.

The teen is facing several charges including a felony and making terroristic threats.

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