Donald Trump's Georgia campaign executive director resigns

Channel 2 uncovers past charges for Trump's Georgia campaign manager.

ATLANTA — Channel 2 Action News has learned that Donald Trump's Georgia campaign executive director has resigned.

"Today we accepted the resignation of the Trump-Pence campaign's Georgia State Director Brandon Phillips.  Billy Kirkland, our Georgia Senior Advisor, will continue to lead the campaign's operations in Georgia." said Jason Miller, Senior Communications Advisor, Donald J. Trump for President

Channel 2 Action News has also learned that Phillips pleaded guilty to criminal trespassing charges.

Phillips, who until today oversaw the Republican presidential candidate's campaign efforts in Georgia, was arrested in 2008.


Bibb County sheriff's deputies arrested him on battery and felony criminal damage, Elliot learned. The charges arose from an incident involving two other people.

According to that indictment, Phillips “(d)id then and there intentionally damage the property of (someone).”

The indictment continued, Phillips “(d)id then and there cause visible bodily harm to wit: cuts and bruises to the head and torso of (someone).”

But before the case went to trial, these documents show Phillips agreed to plead guilty to the lesser charges of criminal trespassing and battery.

The court records show he was sentenced under first offender status to 36-months probation and ordered to pay restitution in the amount of more than $1,500.

Documents from a year later show Phillips applied for and was granted early release from the probation.

Channel 2’s Richard Elliot also obtained his mug shot and documents showing Phillips was arrested in Atlanta later that year over an altercation with a neighbor at his townhome complex that involved a gun.

He was charged originally with simple assault and battery, but those charges were later dead docketed, or essentially dropped, after court records show he completed a pretrial diversion program.

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