2nd Georgia election official says he’s getting death threats

2nd Georgia election official says he’s getting death threats
Georgia elections official Gabriel Sterling shares information about Georgia's hand re tally and audit of general election presidential ballots Thursday, November 12, 2020. The 5 million ballots in the state will be reviewed be hand and each county will begin the process Friday morning at 9 am. (Jenni Girtman for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

ATLANTA — Another official with the Secretary of State’s office said he is getting death threats after certifying President-elect Joe Biden’s win in Georgia.

Gabriel Sterling, the office’s voting systems implementation manager, said on Twitter that he has police protection around his home due to threats. He also said there have been multiple attempts to hack his email.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is looking into the threats, saying in a statement, “We are in the process of investigating any such statements directed at Georgia officials to determine their credibility.”

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“So this is fun...multiple attempted hacks of my emails, police protection around my home, the threats. But all is well...following the the law, following the process...doing our jobs,” Sterling said on Twitter Saturday.

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The Secretary of State’s office certified Georgia’s election results on Friday, declaring that the state’s 16 electoral votes will go to Biden.

Biden won the state with a slim margin of just under 13,000 votes more than President Donald Trump.

Those results were confirmed after a hand-recount was completed earlier this week.


Trump has claimed that there was massive voter fraud in Georgia and demanded a recount. Trump’s lawyers have not been able to provide any evidence of his claims.

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger also told Channel 2 Action News that he has been getting similar threats.

Raffensperger told Channel 2′s Mark Winne that strangers have been lurking around his house after someone posted his address online.

“Security measures are in place so no one threatens me or my family,” Raffensperger said. He said it will not deter him from doing his job.

“At the end of the day, you have to decide, are you going to follow the law, or are you going to let people scare you off of doing what is right?” Raffensperger said.

A key aide to Raffensperger told Winne they believe the threats are coming from “Republican outliers” who are unhappy that Trump lost Georgia.

Both men are Republicans.

Georgia Secretary of State said he's getting death threats, being stalked