President Trump announces Georgia visit Dec. 5, calls Raffensperger “Enemy of the People”

ATLANTA — Georgia was apparently on President Donald Trump’s mind Thanksgiving afternoon during a brief question and answer period with reporters.

He once again called the state’s election system a fraud.

“Well, I told them today I think you’re dealing with a very fraudulent system. You have a system where the flip of a switch or the putting in of a new chip can change the course of history,” Trump said.

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The state is in the midst of recounting votes at the request of the president’s re-election campaign. The recount comes after the state audited the initial vote and certified the election on Nov. 6th, awarding its 16 electoral votes to Joe Biden.


Trump also said he will visit Georgia on Saturday, Dec. 5th to campaign for Republican Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler.

“They should be in the United States Senate. They are desperately needed. But I told them today, you have a fraudulent system,” Trump said.


Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has repeatedly denied Trump’s claims of voter fraud. Raffensperger, a Republican who said he donated to Trump’s campaign and voted for him, wrote an editorial in USA Today saying that the president threw him “under the bus”.

“At the end of the day you have to decide are you gonna follow the law or you gonna let people try and scare you off of what is doing what is right. We have a law. We’re going to count every legal ballot. And we’re going to throw out every illegal ballot we find. Its as simple as that,” wrote Raffensperger.

Trump fired back at Raffensperger at the White House Thursday afternoon.

“I understand the Secretary of State who is really, he’s an enemy of the people. The Secretary of State, whether he’s Republican or not, this man what he’s done,” the President said.

Late Thursday night Trump told reporters that he will leave office if the Electoral College votes for President-elect Biden on December 14th.

At this time, there’s no word where the president plans on holding the December 5th rally.