One of world’s most violent gangs busted in Cobb County

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation made a massive drug bust in Cobb County.

Authorities said 100 kilograms, or 220 pounds, of crystal meth were recovered.

The raid also uncovered several weapons.

Channel 2′s Chris Jose spoke with the GBI about how it pulled off a successful raid against one of the most violent gangs in the world.

The gang, known as MS-13, preys on women and children.

Neighbors in Cobb County had no idea they were living next to a house filled with crystal meth.

The GBI took possession of 100 kilograms of crystal meth tied to the Mexican cartel and other notorious gangs in Georgia.

The bust happened on Highland Terrace Drive, where GBI and Homeland Security agents seized the drugs and guns last Friday.

Local police helped the agencies track down the gang in Cobb and Cherokee counties.

The GBI stated it continues to target gangs, their weapons and their drug trafficking relationship with the Mexican cartel and MS-13.

The gang’s presence in Cobb County is something the former acting district attorney, who is now the GBI chief of staff, talked to WSB about last year.

“Make no mistake. We have documented testimony that we have gang members in every high school and middle school in Cobb County,” said GBI Chief of Staff John Melvin.  “They’re known for killing women, children by guns, knives and machetes.”

The GBI stated agents are working on more arrests.

This particular drug bust took months to investigate.